Developer Automation Tools Bootcamp

A series of discussions about the development tools that enable automation of software projects.

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Welcome to the Developer Automation Tools Bootcamp

More information is available on README Page. This site is where the meeting content will be uploaded.

Getting your machine ready for Bootcamp

The core of the projects we will work on are located on Vagrant boxes. So you will need to Install Vagrant. The VMs you will use are defined in a Vagrantfile in most project's workouts. If you are attending a live session of the Bootcamp your instructor will have copies of the VM available on USB drives.

Beyond having Vagrant running on your machine please complete the following steps.
  1. Have a GitHub account
  2. Install Git on your machine so you can commit code and push it to GitHub.
  3. Fill out this form with your email to join the Automation Tools Slack server
  4. Join the #CascadiaIT room in Slack
  5. ...
  6. Profit!

Meeting Topics

The meetings will overviews the following tools and will each last about one hour each. They all have links to more indepth reading and instructions. They won't teach you everything - they will get you started.
Intro to tmux
Intro to Git
Intro to Git Workflows
Intro to Vagrant
Intro to Chef
Chef in Practice
Intro to Packer
Intro to Node.js and MongoDB
Intro to Docker
Intro to Consul
Intro to Jenkins
Intro to Artifactory
Intro to a Jenkins Pipeline
Intro to Terraform
Intro to InSpec
Intro to Gatling
Intro to Sensu


Every topic will have a workout to be completed. You won't fail the bootcamp by not doing the workout, but you probably will learn a lot more by doing than just reading/watching/listening. Worse case scenario from doing the workout - you'll have a bunch of new tools installed on your machine when you're ready to play with any of this stuff.

Author and Contributors

These meetings are originally created by Tyler Fitch (@tfitch) from Adobe's Commerce Platform Development and Operations team. Now a Customer Engineer at Chef, Tyler is sharing this with as many people as will listen to him.